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Take control of your energy costs:
Save with the sun

The typical U.S. business spends 30% of its operating budget
on utility costs. Here in California it’s often more.

  • Average monthly commercial electricity bill in CA: 18% higher than national average
  • Commercial electricity rates in CA: 33% higher than national average

Rates in California are expected to continue rising—a projected 47% over the next 15 years! But you can free your business from unpredictable and costly rate hikes by producing your own energy on-site.

Can you afford to upgrade your business with solar?
The question is, can you afford not to?

Since 2009, SunGreen Systems has offered turnkey renewable energy solutions for businesses that want to be more productive, efficient and current in today's environmentally conscious world.

Our clients:

  • Save money
  • Protect themselves against rising energy costs
  • Improve efficiency
  • Gain control over their power use
  • Even out costly peak demand
  • Increase energy independence, predictability and security
  • Boost property value
  • Reduce carbon footprint to help the planet
  • Demonstrate corporate responsibility and commitment to their community

You can gain all this—savings, control, efficiency and customer
goodwill—with little or no money upfront.

Upgrading with Solar has Never Been Easier

Solar Installer checking on Panels

Low Maintenance Systems

Solar panels have no moving parts and are warrantied for 25 years. And they require very little maintenance—annual inspection / cleaning performed by SunGreen’s Operation & Maintenance team is about it.
Solar Pannel

Complementary Commercial Solar PV solutions

A solar PV system shades your roof, reducing HVAC load. You can extend that benefit further with a cool roof coating. Adding a smart battery system and an LED lighting system will make your solar-generated electricity, and your energy dollars, go further.
Signing of business solar agreement

A financing plan for every business

$0 down financing, lease, Power Purchase Agreement or purchase, we can help you find the best arrangement for you.
Solar Representative in front of solar panels

One point of contact

We are general contractors as well as designers and engineers. We personally manage every phase of the job, from first contact to design and installation to monitoring and support.
Southern California Review team

We know Southern California

We know your community because we live here! Focusing on one region enables us to be experts on incentives, utility rates, local permits, local suppliers and everything else that affects our solar power customers.

Were ready when you are.