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To keep cooling costs from going through the roof, cool the roof.

A cool roof is one that reflects sunlight and also stays cool by efficiently dispersing radiation (heat) to the surroundings. The roof stays cooler, and so does the building below. (You wear white in the summer to reflect heat and stay cool in much the same way.)

A standard or dark roof can reach temperatures of 150° F or more in the summer sun.  A cool roof under the same conditions can stay more than 50 degrees cooler.

If your building has air conditioning, it won't have to work nearly as hard with a cool roof coating.  If you don't have AC, a cool roof can help keep you comfortable.

Cool roof coatings provide a cost-effective solution for maintaining and restoring your roof while improving reflectivity.  These elastomeric coatings create a seamless waterproof barrier that expands and contracts with your roof.

Average energy savings from installing a cool roof range from 7% to 15% of total cooling costs.

Your cool roof can

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The coat that keeps you cool

SunGreen Systems is proud to use Sikacoat® roof coatings, which come standard in white, tan and light gray.

Sikacoat® is a water-based acrylic, low in odor and volatile organic compounds (VOCs). Its low VOC content meets the strict South Coast Air Quality Management District rules.

Sikacoat® offers excellent adhesion to a wide variety of roofing substrates, including metal, bitumen, TPO, EPDM, Hypalon® and PVC.

Sikacoat® white meets the cool roofing requirements of