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Even more ways to cut down on your operating expenses

Advanced HVAC and water reclamation will keep your business cooler and greener, especially when paired with solar and a smart battery system.  We'll help you identify which money-saving energy technologies will work best for your business.

Precision heating and cooling: exactly what you need

Each year, pre-made, or ‘packaged,’ heating, cooling, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) units on commercial buildings consume the same amount of electricity as 8 million Americans.

Inefficient and poorly maintained, packaged HVAC systems jack up your energy bill while contributing unnecessarily to our nation's greenhouse gas emissions.

Upgrading your outdated heating and cooling products to a system that uses advanced controls could cut your energy use by half or more. (In general, the bigger the building, the bigger the savings.) Your investment will pay for itself in as little as 2 years.

From spot cooling or heating of a single room to multiple zones in a large commercial building, you can rely on a SunGreen Systems' installation to get the job done.

Upgrade today and you'll save money, improve efficiency and make your building more comfortable, all while helping the planet. How much will you save? Contact us for a free consultation.

SunGreen Systems is proud to offer Mitsubishi Electric's cooling and heating products, which use variable refrigerant flow (VRF) zoning to provide precise and efficient comfort control.


Water reclamation

More than 15% of water use is for lawns and gardens.

Californians are struggling through the worst drought in over a century, with no end in sight. Government-mandated restrictions require statewide water savings to average 25% and severely limit the use of water for landscaping. Business owners who don't comply face fines of up to $500 per violation.

You don't need go brown to be green. Go gray instead.

You can keep your landscaping lush and meet the new water restrictions by reusing gray water from your laundry or rainwater from your parking lot.

Laundry to Landscaping

With a laundry reclamation system from SunGreen, gray water is collected, treated and disinfected, stored and then carried outside for use in landscape watering.

An average family of four can potentially reuse 40,000 gallons of water per year. Hospitality businesses can save hundreds of times that.

Water Reclamation Infographic 

Solar Rain

Rain falling on parking lots can drain harmful oil and other chemicals into the storm sewer (and into our waterways). Your solar parking canopy can capture rainwater without its ever hitting the pavement. This water can then be sent directly into your landscaping or stored in a cistern for later irrigation.