SunGreen Commercial Solar Energy Systems: Everything You Need To Power Your Business

    SunGreen Systems provides comprehensive solar-power solutions for businesses of all sizes. Our team consists of highly trained professionals with an unrivaled level of experience, expertise and resources:

    • extensive education and experience in architecture, real-estate development and management
    • mastery of finance, business strategy, public policy, and government solar rebate programs
    • painstaking attention to technical quality and error-free installation
    • direct relationships with solar panel providers to guarantee the right specifications at the right prices
    • Warehouses in southern California to ensure an ample supply of solar equipment.

    We leverage these skills and resources to create customized solutions for your financial, energy and architectural needs. We also meticulously supervise all elements of the project, from evaluation to product procurement, installation to post-installation service.

    8 Steps to Meet Your Energy and Business Needs

    • 1. Take a sun’s eye view: Solar power might not be right for all buildings. We begin by viewing your property on Google Earth to study its layout, structural orientation, shading and other critical factors.
    • 2. Evaluate utility bills: We analyze and model your current costs and rate structures, and your energy consumption and demand patterns.
    • 3. Perform a site survey: We visit your property to take detailed measurements and examine your existing electrical system, sun exposure and structural requirements
    • 4. Design and engineer a solution: Based on our analysis and your preferences, our team of licensed professionals will design a commercial solar energy system to your building and business needs. If you would like your property to make a statement, we can also design an impressive visual symbol. We’ll also consult with you and our financing partners about your capital and return requirements.
    • 5. Manage government policies and rebate programs: Energy systems may require lengthy city reviews, approvals and permitting. Our professionals have expertise in navigating these channels. In addition, we handle all the paperwork to ensure you capitalize on local, state and federal solar incentive programs.
    • 6. Submit proposal: We will carefully prepare a detailed proposal to include gross system costs, all applicable rebates and incentives, other tax benefits, investment internal rate of return (IRR), key facts about solar energy and an overview of signature SunGreen projects including client references.
    • 7. Installation: Our crews consist of experienced commercial contractors. We know your property is an investment, so we uphold meticulous standards while completing your solar installation and interconnection efficiently and on-time with minimal disruption to you, your business and your customers or guests.
    • 8. Post-Installation Service: After installation, we will instruct your staff on how to maintain your system, and provide any assistance you may need. We will monitor the performance of your solar system in ouroffice and in the unlikely event there is a problem, we will likely know it before you do.

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  • Critical Links:

    City specific programs:

    Glendale, California: Glendale Water & Power Solar Solutions Program

    Glendale, California offers some of the state’s highest cash incentives for customers who install grid-connected solar photovoltaic systems. However, these systems must meet new project guidelines. At SunGreen, we will ensure your new commercial solar energy system follows those guidelines to the letter.

    Showing you the money: For 2011, Glendale Power and Water’s (GWP) Solar Solutions Program provides up to $3.22 per watt for installed systems sized 30 kW dc or less. Actual incentives on the larger commercial solar systems will be paid on a per kWh basis for electricity production over the first five years of system operation. Solar panels installed on affordable housing projects are eligible for even higher incentives. (Note that incentive calculation will not exceed 50% of the total costs of the system.)

    Why you need to act quickly: Glendale is already accepting residential rebate applications for 2011. Although rebates will not be paid until July 1, 2011, it is important to act quickly to get in the rapidly growing queue.

    How SunGreen will help: In addition to designing the right system to meet your needs and GWP program guidelines, we will handle all of the following.

    • Calculating how much you can save in power costs, and how much you can receive in cash incentives.
    • Applying all other solar rebate options at the county, state and federal levels.
    • Determining whether Green Energy Credits* will provide more value than GWP’s cash incentives.
    • Administering all necessary paperwork and securing all required permits.
    • Providing recommendations for finance. In some cases we may credit you the solar rebate value up front.
    • Reviewing all the fine print to ensure complete compliance with the GWP.
    • Providing post-installation service.

    *According to the GWP, “Renewable Energy certificates (REC’s) also know as green certificates, green tags, or tradable renewable certificates, represent the environmental attributes of the power produced from renewable energy projects. If you choose to keep the Green Energy Certificate, your incentive will be less.”